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Working and learning collaboratively in Pounamu looks like this...

Sequoia and Briar are extending themselves at the writing station by adding more detail and and special effects to their illustrations.

Harley and Finlay are proud of their lego constructions.

Angus and Eli are creating a car dealership at one of the role play stations.

Emily and Sienna use their imagination to make a dinosaur habitat.

Exploring Time is a Creative Time!

Pounamu Learners have been using their creativity in amazing ways at Exploring Time.
Check out Missi- Lee and Jessica as they create a repeating pattern at the drawing zone.

Ocsar, Eli, Baxter, Ryder and Camryn are so motivated by writing they are taking their learning further by choosing to write more, even though they've finished writing with their mentors. That is definitely showing JOY in their learning!

Puppeteers Quinn and Fletcher are having a fun time telling stories. It looks like they are thinking of what to say next!

Lola and Quinn have collaborated and created a very realistic reptile park.

Harper and Connor are designing their own toy shops. A pretty good idea considering  Queenstown is filling up with new buildings all over the show!

Marvellous maths

In Pounamu all the children have started learning with their Maths Mentor. Here is a snapshot of some of the marvellous maths.

Thinking about Patterns

The Bumblebees started thinking about our Big Question, and here are their thoughts.

Exploring Time!

Throughout the day in Pounamu Habitat students get to explore their curiosities and develop social skills through play based learning. Here are some awesome moments of students managing themselves and showing joy while learning! 

Exploring Time

Here is a snapshot of Exploring time this week, including our new choosing board.

Our new chalk drawing zone is popular. Here are two beautiful butterflies!