Reading and Science

One of Miss Tetli's reading groups read a book about how animals move around and in the back of the book was an experiment to look at how Water Striders move on water.

The group showed great curiosity when thinking about their hypothesis and carrying out the experiment.

Spring is here

It was a beautiful sunny day so Pounamu took their exploring time outside. Great collaborating in the mud kitchen, curiosity with our new construction equipment, and so much Joy!

Skiing 2018 so far...

We have had two great days of skiing so far. Everyone is using a 'Growth Mindset' to try new things like sliding on a box or skiing backwards. Keep up the great learning and team work! Remember to bring a backpack for your lunch so your hands are free to carry your skis and bag and a warm face warmer for those cold, windy days.

Skiing groups for Wednesday 29th August

Here are the groups for tomorrow's skiing. Sadly it won't be a bluebird day but the forecast is to be clear until later in the afternoon. Maybe put on an extra layer.

click here for the groups

Construction Challenge

Last week during Exploring time we were challenged to build landmarks from around the world out of our construction materials. The results were fantastic.

Maths Problem Solving

Miss Freya's and Miss Tetli's maths groups joined forces to solve a tricky skiing maths problem. Here is a quick look.

Ukulele Jammers Monday Kimi aakau Green Room 1pm